Mavis Pittilla Mentorship Programme in Cheshire

the Mavis Pittilla mentorship Programme

This course is aimed at intermediate level students who wish to work in this field. Acceptance on this programme requires that you submit an online application form, followed by a Skype assessment/interview with Mavis.


You will need to have and be familiar with the following:

  • Internet Access
  • Skype with webcam
  • Facebook

Opportunities for you to film/video some of your work. For example Demonstrations / Philosophy / Teaching / Private Sittings.


Total commitment, enthusiasm and dedication are all prerequisites for you to be accepted. Especially to timescales, dates and deadlines. This is not suitable for beginners.

Have a clear understanding of your needs.

This course is not suitable for beginners.


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This is a unique opportunity to receive personal tuition and mentorship from the highly acclaimed and revered medium with over forty years experience. Having been trained herself by Gordon Higginson the colossus of Spiritualism, she recognises how important personal support and encouragement is in the development of psychic and mediumistic faculties.Mavis

The programme will consist of eight weekends over a fourteen-month period where students will receive the wealth of knowledge that only Mavis can provide. There will be ongoing experiences and support throughout the year. Mavis will spend individual time with you to assess and enhance your development. The care of the medium and the knowledge and understanding of the spirit world are of the upmost importance to her.

MavisMavis will be assisted by Jean Else who organises and manages all her work including, publicity and materials. She will lead on presentation and public speaking using her expertise from over 30 years in education. She will film all sessions so that you will access to all Mavis’s lectures and be able to view yourself working and progressing as the year unfolds. This will be created in conjunction with Nic Whitham at the Banyan Retreat Kent where we have held all previous mentorship programmes.

There will be opportunities to undertake public demonstrations and private sittings under the watchful eye of Mavis and Jean and the camera!Mavis

There will also be ongoing mentorship in the real sense of pastoral support if you need any advice or assistance in between the weekends. Jean will set up Skype sessions with Mavis.

There will also be a private Facebook group so that all members can communicate regularly sharing help, support and news.


The course will include:

  • Personal development—understanding yourself
  • Understanding your power
  • Knowledge of the Spirit World
  • Psychic development
  • Mediumship development
  • Chakra Power
  • Aura Reading
  • Presentational skills
  • Assessments
  • Practical Opportunities
  • Recommendations
  • Teaching Opportunities
  • Prayer
  • Philosophy
  • Public Speaking




This course is aimed at intermediate/advanced level students who wish to work in this field. Acceptance on this programme requires that you register your interest by completing the form below and provide your Skype name and country and we will set up a  Skype interview with Mavis.

Total commitment, enthusiasm and dedication are all prerequisites for you to be accepted. This is not suitable for beginners.

First Name:
Family Name:

(including Country)

Home Phone:
Mobile Phone:
Skype Name:
Development Circles:
Private Sittings:
(A brief description of your ambitions)







Cost for the course

A deposit of £600 will be payable upon acceptance and then two further payments of £500 will bepayable in April and June 2015. The course consists of eight weekends with homework in between and continuous support and mentorship.The venue will be
in the Manchester/Cheshire area.

All teas/coffees and lunches will be provided in the cost.